Incorporated at Auckland 31st July 1978
Member: Federation of Rail Organisations of New Zealand Inc.
Member: New Zealand Association of Model Railway Clubs Inc.

Heritage Park, Maunu, Whangarei
Postal address: 10 Magnolia Avenue, Kamo 0112

The club was organised in December 1973 and incorporated in 1978 to acquire, preserve and operate vintage steam and diesel trains for Whangarei Museum Live Days and private rides for groups including Aged Concern, Epilepsy Society, Rotary Club’s Old Folks Outing, play centres, kindergartens, school groups, scouts, rail enthusiasts groups from New Zealand and abroad, and private charters, whose interests range from learning about our heritage and transport history to simply taking a walk down memory lane. Additionally, the club’s older members provide practical training and guidance to our younger members in the operation and maintenance of our railway, in order that this valuable knowledge is preserved for present and future generations.

Community Involvement

Since 1999 Education Department teachers (LEOTC Education Officers) have been based at the Whangarei Museum to provide Northland schools with teaching packages so that the children are able to learn about Northland’s development of transport, technology and social changes. Most of the school children have never before ridden a train and their visit to the railway provides an enjoyable learning experience for them. The club’s members serve as guides and provide the students with interesting and useful information from a personal perspective.
From 1995 to 2002 a total of eighty-three school groups from forty-eight schools have visited the museum and railway, for a combined total of 9,628 school children and adult advisors. Museum Live Days fare-paying passengers have grown from approximately 1,600 in 1997 to over 4,500 to date in 2010.