The cattle wagon (ex-NZGR) design dates from the 1920’s. It is built to BP. X26710 drawings; i.e., the overall length is 16 feet 0 3/8 inches. The builder’s mark on the frame indicates that it was actually built (or re-built) in 1959. A grant from the Whangarei District Council’s Community Grants Fund has enabled the club to contract out the blasting and priming of the wagon frame and running gear which were returned to Heritage Park Railway in July 2005. The frame and running gear were painted with industrial epoxy paint. The axle boxes and bearings were removed, cleaned and repacked, the springs cleaned up and painted, and the newly painted brake linkages and couplers were reinstalled. Parts that were beyond restoration were fabricated, and the frame was back up on the wheels by late October 2005. Work is now underway to fabricate and install the wooden floor, sides, and ends. Prints of the original specifications are on hand, and to the most practical extent, will be adhered to in the restoration. We plan to add bench seats and fold-down sides to accomodate human passengers while maintaining the original appearance of the cattle wagon. Depending on receipt of additional funding, we hope to complete the restoration of the cattle wagon around April 2006.